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  • Stable Internet with faster deployment

PANTEL is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP), we transmit the Internet through microwaves from a Fiber Optic source, it is an alternative for cable internet, DSL or fiber and many times much more stable and faster with a quick installation.  PANTEL delivers high-speed internet access only to businesses.

PANTEL offers Internet service in Miami-Dade county with speeds that goes from 10MB to 1GB bandwidth depending on your needs, we can give you many different options providing businesses with fast, reliable and cost-effective solutions for their telecommunications needs.

PANTEL delivers more dedicated business-class bandwidth than non dedicated asymmetrical bandwidth also known as "best effort" fin the Internet market, if your business demands Internet  with a intensive bandwidth needs such as remote locations, large file uploads or applications that rely on dependable Internet service, our PANTEL DIA (Direct Internet Access) Circuit is for you at a much lower cost than the big companies.

 Wireless - Faster than Fiber Optics

Microwaves travel up 50% faster than fiber optics cable through the air. The light in the fiber cable  travels through a medium similar to glass, which has a higher density than air. Microwaves going through air travel very close to the speed of light, helping support the idea that microwave technology could to work faster than fiber.

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. This principle gives Microwave technology an inherent advantage over optical networks. Optical networks cannot be deployed through geographical and infrastructural obstacles like buildings, bridges, mountains and lakes. Instead, optical networks must go around these obstacles or in metropolitan areas the fiber lines must follow street grids, thus adding distance to the total network path. Microwave overcomes these obstacles and works faster than fiber due to the direct “point-to-point” route.