Pantel Phone Service

Pantel's Phone service together with our Cloud Phone Systems are a powerful Tool that until now only big companies could afford, with Pantel you can enjoy "Big Business" options without big prices.

We can provide you with numbers around the US and port any numbers you may have from any company in anyplace of the United States. Once we set this a cloud phone system is build thinking in your specific needs, don't matter if you have offices in different cities, states or countries.

Your phone numbers are the most important part of your business. With Pantel, we port your numbers to our system which then become yours forever. Whether you move next door, across town or to another part of the city or state, your clients will always be able to reach you using the same phone numbers they’ve always called. And as you grow we can assign more channels to the same numbers or assign new ones as you need, as well we can get you new  numbers in any area code that you choose whether your business resides there or not.

With Pantel's Cloud Phone System, your company can create  Phone Extensions inside and outside your office, for example if you have offices overseas you can have 3 Extensions here and 3 Extensions in a different country, we can advise you about the Internet quality you need to have a good service.