PANTEL's MAIN Services

Business Internet Service

Best Price/Quality. PANTEL offers around South Florida, symmetrical or asymmetrical Internet with speeds from 5MB to 1000MB, survey required.

Business Digital Phone

We may provision business Digital phone service with phone numbers from anyplace in the United States and many other countries around the world, but our and main area of service is South Florida call for details.

Digital Phone Systems

Our Cloud based IP-PBX is a powerful Phone System that until now only big companies could afford. Enjoy "Big Business" options without big prices. Our Digital Phone System, allow your company to create Phone Extensions inside and outside your office, integrating your business and making it more efficient. .


Less costs more profits, expect more profits not only by reducing the cost of your communications services, also with our CLOUD solution allow your company to create extensions inside and outside your office, integrating your business and making it more efficient. .

FICCWEB Business Web based Software

Best web based Software for any company that sells goods or services, best for Exporters, Importers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Purchase Agents and Retailers. FICCweb® is a very dynamic software for coporations, with detailing and granularity you don't see on common programs.

State of the Art Hardware

PANTEL's latest technology hardware, Phone Switches, Fiber Optic Gateways and state of the servers are our main assets to run our business and your services.

State of the Art Equipment

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Data Gateways, Phone Gateways, Fiber Optics Switches, Servers

PANTEL's state of the art hardware, superior network architecture and huge availability of internet bandwidth enable us to offer all kind of digital services for the moden business.

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Fiber Optics Equipment

In our existing 2 Datacenters we received 20GB Internet in separate circuits for security and redundancy, giving in this way a promise to our customers of good service.